Well, the results are in, and it’s more than easy to say that the 2007 iteration of “The Show” (held on Friday October 19th at The Depot in downtown Minneapolis) was dominated by Minneapolis advertising agency, Colle+McVoy.

The victory was so all encompassing, that the hot word on the street is that Diebold is under investigation for re-using the ballot boxes they sent to Florida for the ’04 election.

Or, for those of you who prefer sports aphorisms – think ’86 Bears, ’27 Yankees, or even this years batch of New England Patriots. And, to continue this pointless exercise further – let’s call John Neerland, “The Next Tom Brady”.

(Excepting, of course any notion of a hot ex-girlfriend with an “oops” new baby in tow – we’re exercising at least some propriety here.)

All kidding aside, since Babble-On Recording is a sponsor of The Show, we’d like to congratulate John and (all the other winners from Colle +McVoy) as well as the other agencies who did well at the event and who continue to support this important soirée.

Additionally, we’d like to point out, a few spots that were recorded here at Babble-On did very well in the oh-so-continually-overlooked Radio category.

A Detroit Pistons radio ad that Greg worked on with Scott Dahl of OLSON ended up with the coveted Radio Golden Chalice (alright, it’s just a silly gold pushpin thing. And, while you can’t drink from it …it’s still pretty cool).

And, a Cell South radio spot that André did with Mark Andersen of Martin Williams took home Silver. A continuing perk to this particular spot is that it managed to thread its way into the CA’s as well – where most Radio fears to tread and rarely survives.

Anyway, have a glance at the few pics on the right that we felt were worth posting and, if you’ll continue down below, you can take a listen to both the Detroit Pistons radio spot called “Test ” and the Cell South radio ad, aptly named “Goodbye “.

Again, congrats to all. And, yes, we’re posting this on Tuesday because, y’know……

…we figured our collective hangovers might actually have subsided by now.

Here’s “Test”

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and, “Goodbye”

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