Sometimes there is no substitute for a sound in it’s element. And though our booths provide a well-controlled, exacting environment for capturing voices and foley, on occasion there’s good reason to hit the road in order to get the sounds we need. Whether it be for a truly authentic sound that can’t be captured in studio or for the convenience of the talent we’re recording, sometimes the best results are gained when we bring the recording process into the field.

Recently we partnered with Chris Hill and Solve on a broadcast campaign for their client Organic Valley. In this case, we took “field recording” literally and set out on a 2-day trip to visit a number of organic dairy farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The aims of the trip were to capture the sounds of the environment in which Organic Valley dairy cows spend their days, as well as the particular (and peculiar) ways Organic Valley farmers call the cows in for milking.

Have a listen…

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Back to the warmth of the studio…

Moving on to the visual aspect of the campaign, Babble-On and Channel Z did the post work on the TV spots, including Channel Z editor Mike Weldon getting away from the Avid just long enough to guest as announcer, with our John Lukas recording, editing and mixing in Studio B.

Have a gander…

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A special thanks goes out to Judy Brink, Chris Hill, Solve, Channel Z and all of the farmers, dogs and cows for their contributions to a great project.