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At Babble-On, we’ve got Pro Tools, the ability to record voiceovers from anywhere in the world with Digital Patch / Source-Connect capabilities, and (our favorite thing) a light, bright, warm and cozy environment from which to create.

As you might expect, we’ve got extensive production music and sound effects libraries; and with our Soundminer server, it’s a breeze to audition any and all of our music or sound-effects and click them into your production. Got a video, podcast, TV or radio ad that just “won’t fly” without custom sound effects? We can foley them in studio, or do on-location recording. Truly, sound design and audio post production are what we love to do. Check out a few samples of our creative work.


Babble-On also has creative working relationships with many writers and producers, as well as musicians and composers who specialize in scoring original music for TV, radio, video, and film. So, we can help you cover most, if not all, audio production holes you might need to fill – including help with making recommendations for casting voice-over talent, duplication, distribution, traffic, and where to get a great martini (with or without the olive).

Feel free to peruse our blog or contact us about your next recording session.

André Bergeron

André Bergeron


André’s been working in the field of audio production for over 20 years including stints around the country in radio, TV and, not too surprisingly, a recording studio or two in Minneapolis. While working in broadcasting, he was responsible for writing, creating, producing, directing, engineering, mixing and often times voicing commercials and radio shows. This allows him a unique perspective on the entire production process. He can speak in French (poorly), of wine (often) and about arcane facts (endlessly).

Carol Bergeron

Carol Bergeron

Studio Manager

Carol manages the studio as well as managing the “business” of Babble-On – all the fun stuff – client relations, keeping up with accountants, lawyers, vendors, etc., (make that LOTS of etc.). Carol has experience working in broadcasting, marketing communications, and advertising. But, perhaps what qualifies Carol best for her position at Babble-On Recording Studios is having grown up in the “controlled chaos” of a family of 10 kids.

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