Creative Work

In most advertising mediums, writers have someone with whom they can flesh out their ideas. Be it the Art Director, Creative Director, Associate Creative Director, Adjunct Creative Director, Apparent Creative Director, I Took This Internship With The Hope Of Becoming The Creative Director, etc. – there’s always somebody to bounce ideas off of.

But audio, is a unique beast. Whether it’s a radio spot, TV mix, podcast, CD-ROM or a simple piece for the Web – audio demands a distinctly different approach than one might use, say, for a print ad.

At Babble-On, we’re pretty good at smoothing the transition from “I think it might sound like…” to “Yes, that’s exactly what I was hearing in my head.” To us, there’s a great deal of fun and creative energy tied into helping you bring your 8.5 x 11 sheet of ideas into reality.

Let us work with you before you get to the recording studio. Send us your scripts, and we’ll let you know what we can do to get the sound you need. We can suggest what approaches might work, what music styles and sound effects to consider, and, if you’d like, what voice-over talent to audition.

We want what you want: audio that tells your story clearly, creatively and intuitively.

So, with that in mind, listen to some samples of what we’ve done.