File Delivery

Babble-On Recording Studios has the capability to get your files delivered electronically, or, the “old-fashioned” way (on a CD).


Babble-On Recording Studios is able to electronically deliver your radio ads to radio stations across the country.

In a pinch, we can also e-mail MP3s. Many people use this option to get approval from someone who was unable to attend the session.

For trafficking purposes, it’s always best to have your traffic instructions, a station list, and the approved spots ready to go as far ahead of the start date as possible.  Many radio stations have a cut-off deadline of noon the day before something is scheduled to air on their station for them to have everything in-house and ready to go (the deadline is noon on Friday for anything airing Saturday, Sunday or Monday).

That means that we need everything at Babble-On no later than 10 am the day before something is scheduled to air in order to ensure that we have time to place the order, and the radio stations have time to do what they need to do on their end.

Please feel free to call us at 612.375.0533, or e-mail us if you have further questions.


We are happy to accommodate requests for CDs to be delivered via mail, FedEx, or UPS if that is your preferred method for having us send materials to a third party.  Orders for trafficking radio spots to several stations however are typically handled electronically only.