It’s pretty casual and relaxed at Babble-On. Kick back in the comfy studio, pop the top on your favorite libation and snack to your heart’s content. All this, while you direct talent, chat about sound design, surf the Web, and ponder what to do with all that Mercury Award prize money.

Our acoustically tuned, audio recording suite is equipped with:

  • a Pro Tools digital audio workstation
  • a spacious voiceover/live room
  • a mic closet to die for (not just for the plethora of mics, but the “closet”/armoire itself is a pretty cool piece)
  • gear that can bring even the coolest of audio engineers to tears
  • cool furniture, nice artwork + snacks, snacks, snacks

We have one of the largest production music and sound-effect libraries in the Twin Cities; digital patch / Source-Connect; and many other services that, if listed, would be really really annoying.