Now that we have your attention…

We’re keeping an eye on the uptake of SoundStreak, a new software-as-service product (from the company of the same name) for recording remote voice talent. We think the sweet spot for it will be for voice actors or studios who have the equipment to capture high-quality recordings but haven’t jumped in to the deep end of ISDN or Source-Connect digital patch capability. SoundStreak allows us to now break through and patch with these studios and individuals.

Over the years we’ve had many requests from clients along the lines of, “We need to record Voicee McActor but he’s on vacation in the the New Mexico desert right now. Can you find a studio there with ISDN?” The usual answer isn’t hard to guess. Now, SoundStreak will allow us to get Mr. McActor recorded with nothing more on his end than a quiet room, microphone, audio interface, internet-connected computer, and a download of the SoundStreak app.

SoundStreak accomplishes this by using live, low-resolution two-way communication for directing the talent (think Skype) combined with a relatively quick, automated download of the high-resolution audio files — usually in less time than the length of an actual take. This, along with it’s pay-per-use pricing model, illustrates how SoundStreak is made to coexist with ISDN/Source-Connect rather than replace it. Anyone who’s directed talent via a phone patch will be familiar with this way of working. In both a technical and budgetary sense, it’s a middle ground between phone patch recording and the instant, full-resolution communication that ISDN and Source-Connect offer when budgets are less constrained.

So, next time your must-have voice talent just happens to be “at a sweat lodge in Taos ‘finding himself'”, remember the shiny new tool in Babble-On’s belt for getting the takes you need.