Sound Design Solutions

OK, we understand that sound design for commercials, Web sites, or any other audio project we work on at Babble-On may not be as important as doing quantum mechanics, solving for pi, or even more challenging – trying to explain the success of Reality TV. However, sound design can sometimes be a legitimate head-scratching experience. And, well, we love to scratch our heads.


Behold the power of beer and conversation – the surest way yet to bend space and time. By connecting with your writers from the very inception of your script ideas, we’re able to put all the necessary factors in motion to get the sound effect, music or treatment that’s essential to telling your story. We do everything from directly creating and manipulating an effect in our studio to going on-location to record something first hand. And, sure, like most recording studios, Babble-On has lots of sound effects and music libraries, but we also have special tools and techniques that you’re not likely to find at most places.


But what really distinguishes us is that we have a super-talented engineer that welcomes these types of challenges. Andre is flexible, dedicated, and is not just a button-pusher (unless of course you want him to be).  He is a creative person who loves to do sound design, and is excited about being involved in the creative process with you . . . if invited.




“I’d love to get the sound treatment in this spot of one of those Kung Fu movies for our DQ client.”

“We really want to show the history of St. Joseph’s Hospital using older to younger voice-talent, but also using sound treatment techniques from old radio broadcasts to today’s radio broadcasts. Does that make sense?”

“I guess my thought here is to run through the life cycle of an aluminum can from the perspective of the aluminum can. Do you think we can get that?”

“Is it possible to make the guy’s voice sound like it’s speeding around a racetrack like a race car would?”

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