SkyrunnersOver the past month or so, we’ve had a number opportunities to work with a few celebrities (and celebrities to be) who’ve been in town for some interesting projects.

First off, we had the distinct pleasure to help “local-boy-done-good” , Joey Pollari with his first ADR session. He’s playing the lead role in the pilot of a brand new series for The Disney Channel called, Skyrunners.

Joey plays Tyler Burns, a 14 year old curly-haired genius, – a loveable geek who’s glib, bright, and verbal. The show hinges on the fact that he and his older brother, Nick, have discovered a UFO – and, of course, against their better judgment, have decided to keep it for their own amusement, benefit and edification.

Hey….wouldn’t you?

Tyler, who (unlike his brother) struggles with the idea of keeping the UFO – is kept in a constant state of worry and stress, which poops out in comical dialog – especially when trying (desperately) to talk to girls.

We’ve seen the pilot, and can only hope that it gets picked up – it’s got all the mark of programming you’d like to see aimed at teen boys of this generation – a touch of Sci-Fi, some brotherly love, good humor, and a nice storyline mixed with just enough awkward adolescent moments to give the stories the kind of “street cred” a series like this would need.

We’re crossing our fingers.