Ornament-thing3Well, it”s Christmas Eve 2005 and I’m sitting here penning the Babble-Blog.



Right now I’m guessing some long lost aunt is kneading a boney digit into your sternum and peppering you with insights about “getting a real job” while you’re trying to watch football.

Me? I’m being ignored by millions. I love this time of year.

(Redskins are up by 7 by the way…)

However, as much as I enjoy this “goodwill toward man” vibe that goes down around now, I’m completely amazed this year by the pick axes of propriety being swung over whether or not one should say “Happy Holidays”, “Season’s Greetings” or to be audacious enough to utter, (shudder),”Merry Christmas”.

For me the pinnacle of this nervous absurdity was reached earlier this week when a very earnest cashier at Border’s Bookstore in Downtown Minneapolis wished me away with a pearly and sincere “Merry ChrismaKwanzaaKuh”.

I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or thank her profusely for the free material.

Now, normally we chat here about projects we’re working on, voice-over recording, voice-talent with whom we’re producing radio spots, advertising, trends in the recording studio industry, etc. but today I wanted to offer my own personal insight on all this holly jolly folly.

If you reflect on it, and ideally this is a season of reflection, nobody really has to wish you anything. Ever. The utterance of any kindly bon mot is a gift in and of itself – and, hey, it even fits. Understanding this particular gem of wisdom is the first step to being free of any worries about what may or may not be right or proper. Be it “Seasons Greetings”, “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Kwanzaa” or my new favorite, “Have a dope yule, yo” – it’s all good. I’m smiling at every bit of it and just want to say thanks to all of you who’ve tossed those glad tidings my way this season.

(Redskins are up by 15 now. Someone named Mike is verrrrrry happy)

So, in keeping with the spirit of the season, I’d like to offer my well wishes and thanks to all those to whom it rightly belongs for what has been a wonderful year here at Babble-On.

To our employees – thanks for keeping us focused.

To the voice-over talent – thanks for keeping on-mic.

To all our clients – thanks for keeping us employed.

To our competitors – thanks for keeping us honest.

To our friends and family – thanks for, um, well…. keeping us.

Merry ChrismaKwanzaaKuh, y’all.