Target Field | Minneapolis, Minnesota | New Home Of The Minnesota Twins

At the moment it’s all of 20º with a windchill in the low teens. The streets are rutted with snow, ice, lost mittens and the bitter expressions of people bracing against a withering winter. The whole scene is covered in that inimitable flat grey tone that weaves itself into the very bones of Northern cities during these months.

But, no matter….

Today is Major League Baseballs “Truck Day” – the day when teams head South for Spring Training. Which means that in exactly two months, our beloved Twins will be hosting the Red Sox – outside, under an April afternoon sky at the all new Target Field.


Hardly seems possible given the weather we’ve had over the past few weeks.

Or, for that matter, the political climate we’ve all endured just to get the stadium built.

At Babble-On Recording, we’ve been eyeing the construction of Target Field for about two years from our 12th floor wedge atop The Plymouth Building. And, now that everything seems to be bolted together, we may actually have a pretty nice view into this snug little chalice of urban baseball – which should make for some entertaining Summer afternoons here at the studio.

“Circle Me Bert!”, Indeed.

(The photo was taken February 10th, 2010 right outside Studio A).