Cold. Strange. Uncertain. Weird.

And that’s just the whole Jennifer Wilbanks saga.

In just over a week, we’ve had a day in Minneapolis with a mean temp of 38°, and …snow

We learned that Laura Bush is Sheckie Green

And, in the Arkansas backwoods, folks discovered a formerly extinct woodpecker
– toothless and poorly educated perhaps, but – living.

Then, to continue this odd stretch of events, we recorded some clever thirty second radio ads for Martin Williams and their client, Donatos Pizza.

Odd, because thirty second radio spots are really tough to do well; there’s rarely enough room to shape an idea with all the price points, phone numbers, web addresses and disclaimers cluttering up the picture.

Chris Gault, the writer, smartly dodged that pitfall by thematically tying these radio spots to the brand TV campaign – thus avoiding a certain date with “price point purgatory”.

John BrunoL.A. actor Jon Bruno (pictured at left) is the main character in both campaigns.

In the TV spots, he enters the scene out of nowhere during an intensely uncomfortable moment to deliver a serious-live-on-the-scene-news-style-commentary about the “dangers” of ordering so-so pizza. He kills.

For the radio he riffs slightly away from that character but still nails down the campaign’s theme line, “Please, order responsibly”

We recorded Jon in the Twin Cities via ISDN Digital Patch from one of our favorite studios out in L.A., Outlaw Sound. During the recording, as is often the case, there was a little studio downtime between takes and scripts when we were able to chat about all kinds of things…
[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1571″] Turns out that Jon, as a voice-over guy, is often the voice you hear coming out of the TV or radio in films and television.

– Never woulda guessed there was a job out there for that.

This month you can hear him on the TV Shows “Law and Order”, and “Medium” as well as in the movies “Wedding Crashers”, and “Monster in Law” . His favorite role to date? a gig he had a few years back on “Beverly Hills 90210” as the voice of a talking parrot.

…I’m guessing that there’s a bird in Arkansas who’s feeling jealous.

Here’s one of the spots that just got approved, called, “Flower Power”
[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1572″]

If you’d like to book Jon, you can contact him through his agent –

LW 1, Inc.
7257 Beverly Blvd. #200. Los
Angeles, CA. 90036
(323) 653-5700