John, in Babble-On’s Studio B, with a Reflexion Filter. In our test, it was unmatched at blocking Geordi’s vision.

If you’re like most Western consumers, you’re probably getting your holiday shopping underway by checking out many of the cool tech gadgets that are dropping into big box stores like so many snowflakes – camcorders, MP3 players, game consoles, etc. Or, if you’re more traditional in your approach to these types of things, (always looking for something practical), you’ve no doubt considered a cocktail robot. After all, what’s the season without a perfectly made martini? – festively tricked out with a splash of red pimiento that’s been gift-wrapped inside a ripe green olive. Merry Xmas.

At Babble-On Recording, we’re looking at cool innovations as well. The latest thing we’ve been kicking the tires on is something called, The sE Reflexion Filter. This device, which we thought looked really cool, is supposed to add a lot more isolation to a microphone. Although our voice-over booths are heavily soundproofed and acoustically isolated we figured, what the heck? – might be a worthwhile addition to when we want to do location recording or if we were wanting to get a particularly “tight” sound. Besides, who wouldn’t want to look as cool as Geordi LaForge while cutting a VO?

The only way to give the thing an accurate ride was to let John give it that Steve Perry, Rock n’ Roll, “Singin’ To The Fist” test.

Well, as cool as the thing is, it’s probably overkill for us since (in a soundproofed voice-over booth) the effect was minimal. Gotta say though that for voice-over talent who have their own home recording studio setup, this device would do a really nice job of reducing the noise you may get from computers, etc. Looks like we’ll be stuffing our stockings with something else.