Babble-On recently hosted our “Pins and Pints” party at Uptown’s historic and funky  Bryant-Lake Bowl. Delicious food (check out their menu), great craft brews, and some noisy pin-crashing were all part of the recipe – (as were a few party crashers, too, but… no matter – s’all good.)
Pins and Pints Party| Bryant Lake Bowl | Scott Jorgensen | Aaron Shand |Babble-On Recording

Carol Bergeron, John Lukas, André Bergeron, Greg Geitzenaur, Becky Carlson (and some other very helpful hands) hosted and hoisted til the wee hours of the morning.

And what would a bowling party be without the classic retro bowling shirts the staff wore (courtesy of Becky’s family) and a “Wheel of Meat?”,  – our specially designed (and very shiny) contest wheel, from which partygoers could buy a number for a chance to win some tasty, organic, grass fed beef from Moonstone Farms in MN.  All money collected  – (5 bucks a number – 40 numbers in all – 3 rounds of spinning – plus an additional cash donation from Babble-On Recording) went to benefit the Land Stewardship Project – a non profit organization dedicated to ethical, sustainable agriculture. It was our version of a Meat Raffle with a touch of Soul Food.

Congratulations to our winners, – Notably, long time Babble-On friend, Jay Kaskel and Oren Robashken of Make Visual who each walked away with a quarter of a quarter cow (known elsewhere as a sixteenth, yes? – hmmmmm).

Here are just a few of the pics…. (if you click on them you’ll get a larger version in a new window)

Babble-On Recording Studios | Ad Party September 2009

Home of our get-together - The Bryant Lake Bowl

Becky Carlson, Mark, Jenna Reiff, Krista Obrycki

Becky, our old friend Mark, Jenna and Krista

Carol Bergeron | Babble-On Pins n Pints Party | Moonstone Farms

Carol Bergeron prepares for another spin of the "Wheel O Meat to benefit Moonstone Farms

John Lukas | Babble-On Recording | Bryant Lake Bowl | Pins n Pints Party | Uptown Minneapolis 2009

John Lukas slips into one of the great retro bowling shirts we all wore that night

Jay Kaskel | Babble-On Recording Studio | Bryant Lake Bowl | Pins n Pints Party

Jay Kaskel, one of our Wheel O Meat Winners, hangs on for the ride at our Pins n Pints Party

Babble-O Recording | Bryant Lake Bowl | Pins n Pints Party September 2009 | Jennee Schmidt

Jennee Schmidt appears to be learning her camera

Mark Benninghofen and Amelia Ruth at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis | Babble-On Pins n Pints Party

Mark Benninghofen and Ameila Ruth share a laugh at Babble-On's Pins n Pints Party | September 2009

Many thanks to all who came by for some beer, bowling and beef. We’re honored to be tied into the stellar ad community here in Minneapolis.  Also, a special thanks to longtime buddy Scott Jorgensen and Art Director Aaron Shand who created all the awesome signage (see above) and e-mail ads for our soirée.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

We’ll see if we can swing it again in 2010.