1. When touring Dolby Labs in San Francisco, one realizes the perks of being a worldwide household name for over 3 decades: You can build an in-house theater with a noise floor, a seat-comfort-level, and a bowel-loosening-yet-heavenly-such-that-Händel-would-have-to-rewrite-that-Hallelujah-thing-of-his low-frequency extension. (JK, Händel. It’s an all-time classic. Almost as uplifting as Ludwig’s “Ode To Joy”. [Come on, I’m German.] And, BTW – no disrespect to Jesus! He was a community organizer, while Pilate was just a governor.)

2. After consuming a quantity of dirty Tanqueray martinis in a restaurant sufficient to excuse one’s presence in said restaurant for the duration of the in-house broadcast of the vice-presidential debates, one can blog with less self-consciousness than which one might otherwise be saddled; yea, less than one might have to surmount for subsequent entries of “Notes from the AES convention,” even. (Ass-coverage, you know. Who knows if the martinis I have on nights to come will liberate me so.)