Fun At Babble-On 2It’s come to our attention that we spend an awful lot of our time with our blog just telling you about the sessions we do, the clients with whom we work, and the gizmos we torture to get funky sounds – but very little time just sharing the vibe of the place and what people like about us.

While recording, sound-design and audio post production are things we love and for which we are known – people tell us that what they dig about coming here is that, while we’re sticklers for detail, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

As a very good friend and fellow engineer once told me, “gear is gear, man” – and “Y’know, it looks like ya got mustard on your shirt”

Joe Weismann, John Neerland, the Kolars Marketing girls, “Voice God” John Wehrman.

In a nutshell, the point he was making is that, for a recording studio, people and atmosphere make the difference. And he was right. That’s why if (and or when) you stop by our joint you’ll find things like Tab next to the Stella Artois in the fridge, you’ll be regaled by impossibly funny stories from Amelia, that (on occasion) you’ll find Greg’s kids at the studio, you’ll no doubt hear a cutting edge one-liner uttered from John, catch something outrageous spewing from our IT guy Martin or meet our dog, Douce, on the weekends.

So, along with the usual stuff that we’ve been sharing here on the Babble-blog, we’ll make an effort to show more of the lighthearted and ridiculous moments that occur.

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