35W Backed UpWelcome to the May Babble-Blog. First off, like last month, please accept our apologies for being so incredibly tardy – again. We’ve fallen a bit behind here due to a spate of projects that have taken us away from our normal schedule of getting things splashed onto the site quickly.

My natural temptation, of course, would be to blame this delay on the traffic here since, (as it turns out) the locals are considered to be the “politest drivers in the U.S.” and can therefore be blamed for letting anybody and everybody in front of them and thusly clogging up the system.

Minnesota nice? Perhaps. But I’ll wager it’s more likely that we’re just freaked that the dude in the 4-Runner with the flashy spinners next to us on 35W might be packin’ heat. Or worse, – might be tempted to “give us a look”. Nothing puts fear into the hearts of a Midwesterner more than direct eye contact.

Anyway, watch this space like an exit ramp – we’ll be cutting in here shortly.

35W just south of Downtown Minneapolis. Everybody looks so friendly.