Babble-On-Radio ProductionWell, the weather is threatening to turn Spring-like here in our little corner of the world – Minneapolis, Minnesota. And with things greening up outside, we thought we’d put a fresh bloom or two on the Babble-Blog for you. Sure we’ll continue to share with you projects about radio and TV ads, voice-over recording, podcasts and corporate videos we’re working on as well as stories about voice talent, etc. But we’ll also be adding a regular feature on technology called “Techno Babble”, that we hope will shed some light on all things technical. Or, some, anyway.

This’ll complement some of our other features that you’ve mentioned you like such as,”Babblings” – our catch all place for oddities and fun stuff. And “Dropping In” – where you can hear what new music is coming into the recording studio. As a general rule, these will be kept at the bottom of the page so that we may fill the rest of our page with recording sessions, radio spots or TV mixes we think may be interesting to you.

March 21st update – Opening Day for Major League Baseball isn’t that far away. We had the privilege of working on some fun new radio ads for the Washington Nationals with Olson. See “Crowding The Plate”, below.

March 18th update – With the NAB coming up next month we thought we’d offer up some insights and articles on the state of broadcast advertising. See “Nietzsche Audience”, below. And before the weekend is out we’re hoping to have more “Babblings” to share.

March 11th update – This month’s “Dropping In” is up and running and can be found near the bottom of this page. Plus, “Babblings” has a few choice clips that were sent to us.

As usual, please feel free to check in with us via e-mail or by clicking the comments buttons. And if you gotta browser that supports RSS or a News Reader – keep in the loop every time we update our blog by just clicking the RSS feed over there in the left column.