Mark Hamill, in session, braces for another take

Wednesday, the 20th, we had a good time recording an unusually funny radio campaign for Dairy Queen Restaurants. Michael Atkinson, the new Creative Director at Clarity Coverdale Fury, penned these spots that use simple, everyday conversations, quirky sound-design and odd characters to create some pretty memorable stuff.

As anyone will tell you, that’s really hard to do with radio.

For one particular spot called “Kung Fu”, Jennifer Edwards-Hughes, the announcer, was in studio here at Babble-On, while the “Kung Fu” brothers Mark Hamill, (yes, him) and Nick Jameson, were brought in via ISDN from studios at Atlantis Group Recording in Santa Monica.

John Lukas brought the mix to life on this spot by adding in some grainy optical noise, lo-fi distortion, Chineses flutes, and awkward pauses to give the whole thing the aura of a badly dubbed 70’s Kung Fu movie. The additional kicks, whooshes, thuds and punch reactions were just icing on the cake.

Too bad you can’t see their lips move…

Here’s, “Kung Fu-New”
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