Babblings 250 wideJanuary 17th – The annual Radio Mercury Awards are gearing up again and, for the fifth year-in-a-row, we here at Babble-On Recording are quite privileged to be involved in the judging of the entries. As first round gavel jockeys it’ll be our job to try and separate the tasty wheat from the run-of-the-mill chaff that spreads endlessly across the plains of radio land. Once we’re done, we truck it off to the expertly honed shredding blades of the Final Judges. Entries are due as of February 22nd, ’08, so, if you need us to get your award winning radio spots compiled – please give us a shout.

January 15th- The “Who’s Going To Replace Amelia?” sweepstakes are over and we’re proud to announce that the winner is.. the lovely and talented, Becky Carlson, who comes to us from CBS-TV. Becky is our new studio coordinator and, as such, she’ll be that first voice on the phone, the smile at the front door, and the one who’ll keep the whir and buzz of the studio humming along – all while minimizing the ho-humming that can come with waiting around in our lobby for your next recording session to start.

Trust us, she’s far more interesting than last months People Magazine. Hey, just, ask her about film – She. Knows.