Elf-Meld-1Of the questions mankind faces on a daily basis, certainly one of the most pervasive (along with “WTF, Britney?!”) is “Have I been naughty or nice?”

Which may be followed up with –

“Great….now what do I get?”

Or, after a time spent with too many special egg nogs –

“Officer, I think you misunderstood”

Twin Cities ad agency FAME sought to help answer the “Naughty vs. Nice” nut with a recent Time Warner Cable radio spot that we recorded here in Studio C at Babble-On.

No need to draw straws, or vote anyone off the ice berg by convening a special Elfen Council – nope, this would be a simple “Naughty-or-Nice Quiz” that would tie in nicely to the Fred Claus movie that is hitting theaters. FAME copywriter Julie Feyerer and freelance producer Lynda Crotty, along with engineer Greg Geitzenauer kept the sleigh on the road and filled the spot chock full of cheekiness and holiday cheer.

What’s a bit different in the spot is that often times elves sound so “pitched up” that they are either too difficult to understand or carry the audio equivalent of being pixelated – grainy, edgy and lacking definition. Thankfully, since we had, y’know, real elves (see photo) we didn’t need to worry about artificially creating their unique sound.

Our Announcer (who has quite the pedigree for these kinds of things) was Jim Cummings of Danis, Panaro & Nist (whom we recorded via ISDN digital patch). He, as is his usual, did a nice job adding the familial and welcome Holiday Magic tonality that helps hold together a spoof like this.

Feel free to take a listen…

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