“Change is good”.

Indeed. Not a bad phrase. In fact, the words “wise” and “necessary” come to mind when considering swapping out one’s Oil or Underwear. And, in reference to the latter, we’d like to add the word “polite” – if only for public benefit.

However, sometimes, certain things change that aren’t necessarily “good” or “bad” – they just become “issues that need to be addressed” (ask anyone over the age of thirty).

Over the past decade, Audio and Video have moved fully into the computer world . Which means, many a cable, connector, wire, compressor, limiter, 3/4″ machine, VHS, DVD, etc. has been rendered moot (or, for those of you who like audio puns, “mute”). Yes, André wrote this post.

So, we’ve gone on a SlimFast diet starting in Studio B. Here’s what it was beginning to feel like –

Babble-On Recording Studios, Studio B, Studio upgrade


Now, with all the excess gear removed, the cables snipped, and the routing re-done we’ve come to this –

Babble-On Recording, Studio B upgrade


Ahhh, we’re loving our new skinny jeans.

Additionally, we’ve been monitoring alterations in the Plymouth Building – things like new air conditioning, ductwork, quicker elevators, etc., and we’ve proactively adapted Studio B to address the changing audio environment in which we work. We were noticing a lot of bass artifacts that were bothering us, so we called in our buddy Bryan at North Orbit to help us configure an adaptation –

Babble-On Studio B upgrade, North Orbit


The result is a very cool Tuned Diffuser which increases and dissipates reflections in the room. Or, in plain language – a funky red wall thingy that does stuff only audio guys understand.

Studio “A” is up next for April. We’ll have some photos on Facebook if you wish to haunt us there. Soon.