Gardenhire2It’s called the Hot Stove League for a reason.

It’s damned cold outside – 12º at the time of this writing.

So why is this man smiling? Could be any number of reasons:

For starters, his 1st baseman, Justin Morneau was recently named the A.L. MVP – putting a surprising big hurt on guys like The Big Hurt, Ortiz and Jeter.

Might be because Johan Santana, his larger-than-life-top-of-the-roation-stud, just nabbed yet another A.L. Cy Young Award. His second in three years.

Skipper Ron Gardenhire in studio B at Babble-On Recording

Or perhaps it’s because his team won’t be coughing up 50 million, learning Japanese, and stocking the clubhouse fridge with sushi this Summer. That bit of insanity belongs to the Red Sox if they manage to sign Asian über-hurler Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Truth is, we think that Gardy is grinning because he got a chance to hang out in our Minneapolis recording studio while cutting a voice-over for a Minnesota Twins Gift Card radio spot.

The script, written by Periscope‘s Andrew Hanson and overseen by Tom Witkowski is about giving the right gift – one that actually improves “…the lives of kids and families in the Upper-Midwest through the love of Baseball”. Works for us. Here’s the spot.