The anchor tenant of Studio C here at Babble-On, Greg Geitzenauer just had a special birthday this week. So, of course, we had a little get-together between sessions to celebrate it all proper-like. And, if you must know how old he is, well, this is one of those instances where we feel we can always adhere to a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” without having any political upheaval.

Greg Geitzenauer | Recording Engineer | Babble-On Recording Studios | Minneapolis

Of course, for us, the best part about our staff birthdays is that we get to sample some incredible confections from any of the wonderful local bakeries, etc. that are in the Twin Cities.

This was our first experience with Cocoa and Fig on the 2nd floor of Gaviidae Common on Nicollet Mall. Now we’ve done cakes, tortes, ice cream, etc. in the past but we thought we’d try something more fun and peculiar – “Peanut Butter Pops.”

Peanut Butter Pops from Cocoa and Fig | Minneapolis, MN

The description alone made’em worth exploring: “Peanut Butter Filling Enrobed in Chocolate & Decorated like a Cupcake”

I mean, wow, who doesn’t like anything “enrobed” – game on.

So, our staff (and a few client) reviews are in:

“Peanutbuttery”, “A+ for uniqueness”, “rich”, “killer”, “love the sprinkles”, “cute as hell, and you get to keep the little pot, too!”, “awesome with a coffee chaser and… a nap”

Next time you’re in, wish Greg “a Happy” and quiz him on his “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” knowledge – as a gift from all of us here, he’ll be in the audience for one of the upcoming shows. Have fun, Greg.