Carol Bergeron, Cake Pops, Cocoa & Fig, Babble-On Recording Studios

Another month, another birthday rolls by here at Babble-On Recording.  Like the pagans of old, it seems like these events cluster together for us during the coldest and gloomiest times of the year.  Thank God – (or, okay… gods, if we’re sticking with the whole pagan riff).  Few things beat the drabness of an interminable Minnesota Winter like the brightly colored packets of joy we’ve been getting from Cocoa & Fig these days.

The latest reason for indulging our sugar jones is that Carol Bergeron turned the page on another year.  So, we all took a break from the broadcast TV and Radio projects we’d been working on that day for Purina, Harley Davidson and SuperValu to give her the most thoughtful gift we could – not singing Happy Birthday to her. Instead, we indulged ourselves in a confection that we picked out for her special day – something the Cocoa & Figgers call, Cake Pops. Wow, The Sequel.

We could try and compare these to the Peanut-Butter Pops we had for Greg Geitzenauer’s birthday last month, but such an exercise is like being on a brewery tour with a college drinking buddy – it all tastes good, you can’t make a decision, and in the end… you just feel kinda wobbly. At least, with respect to the Cake Pops and Peanut-Butter Pops we could probably still drive.

Next time your in for a session, lean your head into Carol’s office, wish her a belated “Happy”, and ask her how birthday dinner at Om was. Namaste.