Amelia-GoodbyeAutumn is the season of change, – The air is fresh and crisp, the colors are ripe, and there’s a distinctive crunch you only hear this time of year when you’re out bagging leaves amongst the long shadows of a sunny Saturday afternoon.

There are changes happening here at Babble-On as well. A truly distinctive sound that we’ve been so proud to call our own for the better part of seven years will no longer be laughingly pinging its way down the hallways here at Babble-On.

Yes, we’re sad to say, Amelia Ruth, the sunny, saucy, serendipitous and helpful voice that has answered our phones, managed impossible scheduling duties and handled client lunch requests, cocktail orders and special bubble-gum queries all with humor and a hollywood star smile….is moving on.

While we’re unbelievably saddened to see a member of our family (and I don’t use that term loosely) leave the nest, we’re so happy that she’s going to work with a great group of people at Channel Z, an offline editorial facility less than a block away from us.

Her new job will be to act as the producer for our friends there and, we can only say, that we can think of no one better to do the job, or of anyone else who has so assiduously “put in their time” in order to get such an opportunity.

So, when you call us after this Friday November 9th, it’s a little unlikely you’ll be greeted on the phone with the same swinging, “how can I help you, sugar?” or “what’s happenin’ hot stuff?” . You might, (for awhile anyway) need to gently remind us what you’re typical, “Hey, I’m a regular here” lunch order is. And, unless one of the guys here starts wearing stiletto heels – that happy clickity clack of someone coming down the hall to see if you need ” a special coffee” – will need to wait for a bit.

You see Amelia always was, always is, and forever will be the quintessential “Maître d'” (Master Of The Hall) in the truest and most revered sense of that timeless phrase – ‘cuz nothing ever got by her and she always made you feel special.

So, as “A” goes to “Z” , we wish her well, knowing that she’ll be great at what she’ll be doing, all the way down to the letter.

We love you, Amelia. – But… you’d better bring your butt by for coffee every now and then! See ya hot stuff.