GregB'day-240-wideFebruary 16th update – Birthday celebrations have been aplenty here this month at our cozy recording studios on One Babble-Plaza in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Mr. Greg turned another year older this week and we serenaded him with these unbelievable cupcakes we’ve discovered from Woullet’s bakery. You gotta try’em. Sweet, deceiving and absolutely killer – the Ted Bundys of the pastry world. The roman candle we used to set the mood kicked away some of the winter blues we’ve all had with temps stuck around 10º. Really.

At the time of our intrusion, Greg was recording some fresh voice-over with Vince Beggin and Liz Matassa from Martin Williams for their new Donatos Pizza campaign. Our friends over at BWN composed the music for these spots and the radio and TV should be hitting the air soon.

By the way, we’ve gotten nice comments via e-mail regarding our new production music segment called “Dropping In” (see below) Next month’s entry, as suggested, will be more extensive and offer some new ideas.

Greg in C – before the sprinklers kicked in…

February 11th update – I’m convinced that the web has become the worlds largest pot luck supper. Just make something, anything, from what’s on hand, bring it to the table, and see if someone will consume it. A Cyberworld Buffet of Hot Dishes made from creamed ones and zeros and dotted with acerbic wit and techno tater tots. Our e-mail gets bombarded with enough of the stuff to fill the Olympic Stadium in Torino. Happily, every now and again, we get something truly great that we like to share here.

For any and all of us who toil in the advertising industry, you know that your rough-cut, scratch track, mash up, or demo might as well be a fire hydrant next to a dog kennel. Nothing left to mystery there. So, someone in our midst has been hip enough to capture our industry’s cumulative creative angst while capitalizing on the great success of Bud Light’s,”Real Men Of Genius” radio ad campaign. Here’s, “Miss I Don’t Know How To View A Rough-Cut Lady.” Enjoy. A round of benedictions for the geniuses keeping this campaign alive and for nailing this particular parody.

JohnsJones1February 6th -Our own John Lukas turned 29 this week and we celebrated with a big honkin’ cookie for the crowd and crew at the recording studio. Who needs crack? One bite outta this and your amped up til June. We’ve determined that whatever we don’t finish we’ll convert into ethanol – and skip the pump for a month.

We’re happy to see that Katie Lynch, a former producer at Colle+McVoy, is back in the fold and hanging out here at the studio. She’s currently working as a freelance producer for another Minneapolis advertising agency, Kerker on their Roundy’s account. Good news.

Yours truly spent Super Bowl Sunday putting my ADD to full use by watching the Big Game while listening to it on the radio. With all the hype surrounding the TV commercials I thought I’d review, (drum roll please…. )

“The Best Super Bowl Ads…On Radio”. Well, there are stories to tell. If we can get the spots, we’ll share them here with a few insights.

Some pretty big changes are happening in the local voice-over community too. Lipservice Talent Guild is engaging the “on-demand” world with a new website, a new look, a virtual phone system, and a quick and streamlined approach to getting auditions turned around. Can you say, “Brave New World?”. They’re calling it Virtual Lipservice. You can get the whole download on that, here.

We’ve gotten a lot of compliments over the years regarding the Summit Brewing Company radio ads that we’ve done with Mike Lescarbeau. Just found out that we’ll be crafting some new radio spots before Spring so, stay tuned for more foreign accents, boisterous singing, and gratuitous glass clinking sound effects. If you’ve not heard any of these spots, feel free to belly up to our samples page.