Dropping-In-4SmallThis month we’re debuting what will, with the best of intentions, become a monthly Babble-Blog feature : Dropping In.

We’re treating it as kind of a quick hors d’oeuvre platter that shows off some of the new production music we’re receiving here at the recording studio on a regular basis. Since we’ve got countless vendors, from innumerable countries, covering a myriad of styles, this’ll give you a chance to hear what kind of “new” production music is out there. Music that can shape your sound design and add color to your voice-over recording.

We say, “new” because some months may feature foreign movie music from the 60’s, others might cover trip hop, soul, kitsch, dub, swing, crunk, New Orleans Jazz or any combination thereof. It’ll rarely feel like The Flava Du Jour comin’ outta your leet friend’s iPod but, y’know, you never know… just depends on what our music buds are recording and producing that month.

The idea of sharing these snippets comes from the realization that writers and producers have told us for years that they didn’t know such distinct stuff was out there. They’ve also shared with us that, many times, they’ve hoped to find some track for inspiration to which they could write but they didn’t know where to start. Well, here’s at least one resource that might get your neurotransmitters to leap that synaptic cleft and get it on.

So to speak.

if you hear something you like, feel free to keep it in mind for your next radio spot, podcast, TV commercial, industrial video, blah, blah, blah, ’cause we’ll be keeping a list of what we’ve posted for easy reference.

This month’s “Dropping in” segment comes from one of our favorite vendors in England. You’ll hear some small combo jazz, music for technology, three chord power rock, “Hair in the wind” road music, and even a Cha-Cha. Coming segments will hopefully be a little longer and cover an even wider range of styles – we’re just getting the ball rolling for you….

Here’s “Dropping In” for February ’06

If this feature is a help to you, or if you’ve gotta comment, criticism or shout out for us – feel free to send us an e-mail or comment down below.