Dropping-In-4SmallThis month marks the second installment of what we’re not too creatively calling “Dropping In”. It’s a gucci-sized handbag of some of the production music we’ve received here at the recording studio over the past few weeks or so.

This time out we’re putting in just a couple of older things that we think are cool but seem to be completely underused, as well as a gratuitous and wholly unnecessary sound effect.

Some of the styles we’ve got covered this month are….

(envelope please)

70’s Detective, Modern Fashion, Traditional Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Latino, California Pop Rock, Groovy Jazz, Late Night Jazz, and Sampled Beats from a cross section of well produced production music libraries that we like and want to support.

It was suggested to us that one way you, (the writers and producers who come here), might be able to use this segment was the following: Simply cue up one of your voice-over auditions in Quicktime or iTunes and play’em over this track and see what sticks. We’re keeping a running log of what we’re sharing so, if you like something, write it down and we’ll have it available at your next recording session.

Special thanks to Ian Simpson, Beth Kinney and Tom Witkowski for their specific suggestions on this segment, as well as a thank you to Jeff Shotts for his poetic insights on our blog in general.

So, here’s this month’s “Dropping In”and, as requested, the gratuitous “Sound Effect Of The Month”

Enjoy In Moderation. And, if you gotta better name – let us know.