Dropping-In-4SmallWell, It’s been awhile since we’ve shared any of the new and interesting production music that’s come our way through our relationships with creative shops in L.A., New York and London (to name a few).

The good news is that, although we’ve been pretty lame about filling this space, our production music library has continued to expand, diversify and fill out the shelves here at Babble-On Recording in a way that’s, well….. far too too similar to our holiday waistlines.

This month’s mash-up is built from of a vast sampling across many of the production music libraries. From light ambient, to moving pop, to some more organic textures; even a nice latin-funk track. As always, we’ve got a list of all tracks used in this section, so if you hear something you like in this collage, just let us know and we can dig it up for you.

Our Sound Effect Of The Month has the potential to be used for Drive-Ups, Drive Bys, Pick-Up lines or even a Robot Arm for that matter – Hey, it’s your creativity – you tell us. Give a click and listen, here.