MikeDodgeRecordingAtBabylonOne of the ridiculously simple pleasures of the recording studio business is just heading into the booth to get the voice-over talent setup for the initial recording – something we can’t do when recording via ISDN Digital Patch or Source-Connect.

Normally, it’s a chance to chit-chat about people’s kids, trips, world events or political nonsense before the serious business of “selling product unit” begins. Occasionally, when local voiceover magnate Mike Dodge is in (as he was for a recent Syngenta session), you get the wryest insights about what he might have read, written, reviewed, or reviled.

A bit of a hardball fan and lover of travel he invariably has great road stories. On a recent junket Mike buzzed through Saint Louis and Chicago to catch the Cards, Cubs, Twins and ChiSox.

For most fans, being at Wrigley Field during a playoff stretch is like arriving at Mecca during The Hajj – lot’s of exultation, cheering – even stoning and head shaving by the bleacher bums. Mike, however, appreciates the South Side’s White Sox….

Voice-over talent and gifted raconteur, Mike Dodge.

As a devout member of Red Sox Nation I would have to say that, up until this weekend, I was only a nominal White Sox fan. However, I thoroughly appreciated the dusting they laid on the Cleveland Indians. So, if my Sox suck against the ChiSox – I’m hoping they go on to pound the Yankees. Please, let’s have anybody but The Pinstripes representing the A.L. in the World Series.

Mike Dodge can be booked through his Minneapolis voice-over agent, Moore Creative Talent, inc.

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