Holiday-BlendAhh, The Holidays.

It’s the time of year when we haul out the tree from the forest of clutter upstairs in the back room, throw another yule log on the gas fireplace and warm ourselves with a cup of Lite Egg Nog…

… all while logging in to our secondlife account.

Yup, it’s how we reconnect with what’s real and important in the Digital Age. Really. Just pop off a quick IM to your mom – she’ll tell ya.

Here at Babble-On Recording, this’ll be the month when we get you reacquainted with a feature that hasn’t been here for a while, Dropping In, our monthly music sampler. We’ll also have our usual assortment of Babblings under the tree and info on voice-over recording sessions, sound-design, radio ads and other audio production projects of interest.

Thanks for checking in. And, however you choose to celebrate with your family this time of year, we hope you have a great time reconnecting. Skål.

Update – 12/07/06 – This month’s installment of Dropping In has been posted along with our ever tasty Sound Effect Of The Month. Unleash your creativity! Or, cripes, just click it cuz your bored. See the bottom of the page.

Update – 12/08/06 – Something we love to do this time of year is try out new gear of any and all stripes. We just played around with the sE Reflexion Filter and thought we’d pass along our results. See below…..