Jocelyn-Okubo-+John320Every now and again one is confronted with something that is just so out there, ironic, weird or strange that you’re just left scratching you’re head.

And, yes, while this whole “Cheney Get Your Gun” thing may qualify, I’m referring to something completely different.

File this one under, “I’ll Be Damned”, “Scully, this is a conspiracy that goes to the highest level” or simply,

…”WTF mate?”

Jocelyn+John share a smile (and some pants) at “The House”

Over the past few months Independent Producer Jocelyn Okubo has been working with John Lukas on a variety of voice-over and music editing projects. These have included things like contemporary fashion training videos & video wall presentations for Marshall Field’s, video manuals for Capresso , and some innovative work for Chip And Pepper – a really cool line of designer jeans run by two of the most interesting characters you’ll ever meet.

During these recording sessions, John and Jocelyn have spent many hours selecting and cutting music from our production music libraries, chatting away about things in the world, etc., but, y’know, they didn’t know very much about each others background.

As fate might have it, Jocelyn stopped by recently to thank John for all his extra effort on the Chip and Pepper project by giving him a pair of their jeans. They got to talking about a this ‘n that and realized that they both grew up in Hopkins, MN.

Nothing too notable about that.

As the conversation moved forward, it turned out that they also came of age in the same neighborhood.

Quirky, but not implausible.

Then, they realized that they’d grown up in the exact same house!

Wild. Cool. Creepy.

Steven King get outta my head!