DadAndLoriTransitions are as much a part of our everyday lives as they are an important asset in the art of creative expression. They remind us to be aware, to be present, to pay attention and understand that change is afoot.

In theater, the curtain descends.

With film, a scene dissolves.

When dining, a table is elegantly and efficiently reset.

And in the domain of audio, we use the crossfade.

The crossfade, in particular, is unusual amongst all of those devices because it involves no visual cue. One idea begins to yield to another and, albeit for a fragment of time when the two meld and mutually coexist, the first is softly left behind to become nothing more than a memory.

Unlike the other transitions, you might miss it if you’re not living in the moment.

We’ve been dealing with some crossfades of a different nature here at Babble-On over the past six months. Those of you who know us well know of the transitions that have befallen Carol’s father and younger sister over the course of this Summer and early Fall. For those of you who don’t know us as well, but who have always been curious observers of this space on the web, our absence has been due to the sad and tragic passings of Leonard Knutson in May, and Lori Ann Knutson Stewart in late September.

The time that we took to spend with them over the past few months before they moved on was a very powerful and meaningful experience for both Carol and me. That time was our crossfade; a chance to coexist, to blend, to meld, to be in the moment with them before letting them go to become the memories that they now must be. The new scene that currently plays on is void of two very essential characters that, to date, were critical to the plot lines of our lives.

In some ways, although you’ve never had the opportunity to meet these fine people, you know them well through the hard work, dedication, open-mindedness and willingness to serve that they exemplified, and that we’ve aimed to emulate with our approach here at Babble-On Recording. And, with respect to what they’ve meant to us and the lessons that they hoped to share, please know that we are even more fervently committed to those ideals now that we are back here on an everyday basis.

A word of thanks must be addressed to those of you who supported us, encouraged us, and stayed with us through this long, painful and awkward time. In particular, Babble-On Recording would not have remained viable without the hard work, dedication and truly loving devotion displayed by Greg, Amelia and John. Not unlike the B-17’s that flew critical missions over Europe and the Pacific during WWII, they endured more than their fair share yet still managed to fly, maintain, deliver, and hold together as a unit. Nothing can be said or done to accurately repay that sacrifice.

Witnessing death is a peculiar thing – it teaches you a thing or two about how to live. If all one does is cling to the wants, needs and demands of modern life, one is stuck doing nothing more than an endless series of emotional chin-ups – feeding the notion that all this is somehow making you stronger when, in point of fact, it’s wholly fatiguing and simply screws with your sense of balance. Learning to let go, live in the moment, embrace your ideals, your friends and the world of possibilities is the power that death can breathe into life. It’s the “kick in the pants” that tells us to explore our creativity, to tear down the walls of convention, and to be patient with that process and each other.

We’re glad to be back. We’re excited about ideas. We’re very grateful for everything.

Update – 11/09/06 – As we get back up to speed here you’ll see more stuff pertaining to sessions, radio spots, Minneapolis voice-over talent and more. We recently worked on some very interesting radio ads for The Pistons which you’ll find down below. Thanks for stopping by….

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Update – 11/15/06 – another update to the Babblings section – Chris Preston schools the Babble-Onians

Update – 11/18/06 – We used a novel approach to sound design for some Belay Health spots. See below.

Update – 11/22/06 – More and more Babblings. Some nice Award Winning Radio Ads from The Show to share. See below.