About a month ago we had a fun Marshfield Clinic radio project brought in by Lee Schmidt of Lindsay, Stone and Briggs. It was unique because the main talent in each spot had to act as both singer and voiceover performer – which are very different disciplines. Timing and tempo were essential –  without having these worked out ahead of time, the spots could have easily been be too long or too short. So, we had a jigsaw puzzle not only to cut, but to build. A welcome challenge.


For one spot we were creating music from scratch and, for the other we needed to convert stock music to the proper tempo and pitch to fit the performer and time constraints. Greg and John each performed a version of “Eddie’s Song” and Greg was instrumental (inadvertent pun) at getting our stock track to hit pitch and tempo perfectly for the “Ms. Billy Z” spot.


The spots stand out because they involve dialogue with the audience by way of an on-stage performer. So, they are more “share” than “tell” – very different for most radio spots.


Frankly, we can’t say enough about the local talent from Talent Poole who were involved – Both Dennis Curley and Thomasina Petrus were a joy to have in the Studio A and each handled their distinct roles in the spots with great skill.  Sure, we could have accomplished the work over ISDN patch or Source-Connect, but working live and in-person on music projects is better for energy and vibe.  Jim Greulich, the announcer was patched in from his home studio and, as per usual, nailed the timing on his part perfectly.


We’ve got a few shots from the session here, (the mixes will be coming soon) and if you’d like to see a couple more photos just go to our Facebook page and look into our March Timeline. By all means, feel free to comment there, “like” us, or share this with others whom you think may find it of interest.

Studio A, Babble-On, Minneapolis, Thomasina Petrus

Thomasina Petrus as "Ms Billy Z" in Studio A at Babble-On


Babble-On Recording, Minneapolis, Studio A

Dennis Curley croons away on the u87 in Studio A


Jim Greulich, Telos patch, Studio A, Babble-On

Jim Greulich recorded from a galaxy far, far away. Like, maybe from Wisconsin.

Greg and John working out the music for “Eddie’s Song”

John Lukas and Greg Geitzenauer in Studio B

John Lukas and Greg Geitzenauer recording for LSB and Marshfield Clinic in Studio B


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