GunViolence2As we mentioned earlier this month, we like to embrace causes and ideals that increase, as they say, “the social welfare of all”. So when Martin Williams approached us about working with them on a radio spot campaign geared toward ending gun violence in Minnesota – we certainly welcomed the call.

First a little background: A study about ten years ago in the Journal of Trauma showed that a gun in the home is more likely to be used against a family member than against an intruder-11 times more likely to be used in a suicide, 7 times more likely to be used in a domestic assault and 4 times more likely to unintentionally injure. Peachy.

If that weren’t sobering enough, here in our quaint Midwestern Metropolis there are some scary observations as well. “We’re being held hostage by the gun industry,” says Chief Tim Dolan of the Minneapolis Police Department. “Our kids are carrying guns today because they are afraid of other kids carrying guns.” Minnesota is “one of the worst” states when it comes to easy access to guns for those who shouldn’t have them. Turns out 90% of the guns used in crimes across the state of MN are also purchased right here in Minnesota.

When it came to producing the radio ads, the writer, Jake Lancaster, got right to the heart of two particularly pressing issues – easy access and accidental gun death. Normally with ads like this, there’s a temptation to lay in a lot of heavy, threatening sound-design or eerie sound effect treatments to heighten the tension. But the scripts were so strong that, in this instance, less was definitely more – and the effect is chilling. The spots were anchored by Jonathan Adams, whom we recorded at VoiceTrax West in L.A. and his delivery is so even, so non-judgmental – that the sheer facts are allowed to puncture you with frightening clarity. Libby Collins, a New York talent, whom we recorded at Nutmeg Audio Post via Source-Connect rounded out the spots with the appropriate finish – not pleading or gushy, but truthful. Again, a nice instance of less definitely being more.

If you’d like to learn more about this cause, which by the way is supported by the NRA too, – go to the End Gun Violence website or visit

Here are the spots “James” and “Sarah”

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