There is a tendency for us here to want to share only the most elaborate, poignant and/or humorous radio spots that we ultimately get to record, edit and mix. Frankly, that’s pretty understandable when you realize that, typically, those are the recordings and situations that present themselves as unique or discernibly more interesting than, say, your run of the mill herbicide disclaimer.

I mean, I’m certain that I’ve spent more time recording voice-over talents saying “Always read and follow label directions…” than Sir George Martin ever did trying to get Ringo Starr’s background vocal’s on pitch.

Okay, to be fair, that’s an exaggeration. Ringo never sang on key or looked remotely comfortable with a microphone. Come to think of it, neither could Linda McCartney (as this backing vocal from “Hey Jude” can clearly attest).

No wonder Mr. Martin was summarily knighted.

Anyway, sometimes simplicity answers the call far more than elaborate sound design and hip/edgy production music can ever do. And, with Clear Channel pushing their whole “Less Is More” campaign which drives advertisers toward :30 second radio spots, communicating honestly, effectively and creatively has become its own challenge for advertising agencies and their clientele.

Waters Molitor, the Minneapolis ad agency for Old Home Foods, completely understood this dilemma when coming up with a subtle, clear and straightforward campaign of radio spots that they felt would speak with an empathetic voice to Old Home’s audience – stressed out mom’s looking for quick meal answers.

Sherry Gray, the writer on this project and the Creative Director for the agency had a specific idea in mind when creating these radio ads –

“Waters Molitor specializes in marketing brands to women. So when we became agency of record for Old Home, we helped the brand build a stronger emotional connection with busy moms by demonstrating empathy for the hectic lives they lead.

The goal for this new radio campaign was to make Old Home top-of-mind with women by leveraging its “For the Way You Live” positioning and emphasizing usage ideas along with heritage, loyalty and trust.

We created “Janet” from the Old Home kitchens to serve as an empathetic friend who could listen to any dinner dilemma and solve it with simple, easy-to-remember food ideas. Different women call sounding frantic, stressed, hurried, annoyed, and Janet (Amy Matthews) talks them off the ledge with her calm, it’s-okay approach.

The beauty of this radio campaign is its simplicity. The idea was to keep the spots honest and real….I think the result is a clear, targeted message that makes an emotional connection in a very believable way.”

Here are the spots, “Friendly Idea”, “Saturday Morning Shuffle” and “Surprise Visit”.

Amy Matthews can be scheduled through her Twin Cities voice-over agent, The Wehmann Agency