JennieOOver the past few years, BBDO Minneapolis and their client, Jennie-O, have conducted a successful viral video campaign about the issues that come with thawing, cooking, preparing and just, y’know, dealing with our national holiday meal – the turkey.

How could this not be successful? – let’s face it, turkeys just seem like a natural comedic foil (speaking of which, be sure to tent your bird with foil for 20 minutes after roasting – and make sure the juices run clear – don’t want to get grandma sick)

So, we were excited to have the opportunity to create and execute the sound-design on the next round of spots for the website The 2 new spots “Dryer” and “Turkey Drop” were done in collaboration with Caviar Los Angeles and director/editor Keith Schofield.

We spent the better part of an afternoon with Jamie Novak (creative) and Alicia Calderon (producer) creating sound design, first, to give the impression of a generous sized Turkey thawing in a dryer, and later, fabricating the sounds of a turkey falling heavily through the floors of several apartment units. Good times, great project!

Here’s “Turkey Drop”

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and “Dryer”

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