With the growth of the internet, the arrival of new digital technologies, and the creation of the global economy, it seems that you can get just about anything from anywhere, at anytime, from anyone.

Great, if your buying flashlights or pantyhose. Not so great if you want to eat wisely or support your local economy.

Gold ‘n Plump, a family business based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota has been in the chicken biz since 1926. Just peer into any meat case here in Minnesota or Wisconsin and you’ll see the fruits of their labors along with those of the 300 or so local family farmers with whom they partner. Great story. Until recently.

Now, some large poultry manufacturers are doing what they can to gain shelf space in the Twin Cities and beyond.

So, to confront this “Big Birdzilla” the folks at Gold ‘n Plump decided to show a little, forgive me,… “pluck”.
Gabriel, deGrood, Bendt, their new advertising agency, came up with a radio campaign that pokes fun at Big Corporate Chicken companies. In the radio spots, Minneapolis voice-over actors Gary Groomes and Eden Bodnar were cast as local chicken farmers who are doing what they can to both protect and celebrate their livelihood. The spots could have turned out mean, morose, or something akin to Grant Wood. Instead, they feel like a slice of “Prairie Home Companion” or “A Mighty Wind”; Funny. Smart. Tongue-In-Cheek.

Jeff Schuller, the writer for these radio spots, (and singer/songwriter for the band U-Joint), composed and played the Woodie Guthriesque tune for the spot, “Protest Song”. The singing of the lyrics was left to voice-over actor and sometime singer, Kevin Dewey, who added his own quirky and unique spin to the character.

Gotta say its nice to see so many local actors involved in such cool work. Indeed, sometimes “keeping it local” is like chicken soup itself – it’s good for the soul.

Here’s the spot called “Protest Song”
[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1576″]

Here’s the final and complete mix of the song in AAC format
[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1579″]

You can find out more about Gary Groomes and Eden Bodnar from their agent, Moore Creative Talent, Inc. Kevin Dewey is represented by Wehmann Models & Talent, Inc.

If you’d like to hear some more of Gabriel deGrood Bendt’s work, click here, or go to our samples page.