One of the great things about this job is the wide variety of people with whom we get to hang – like writers, broadcast producers, voice talent and audio engineers from all over the world.

This week, we had a great time recording voiceover guru Beau Weaver via digital patch with Mike Klinger’s Tree Falls in Los Angeles. Beau was tapped to be a really broad announcer character in a radio ad written by Charles Youel of Martin Williams for Syngenta Crop Protection.

The first few passes at the script were a little short, so Beau did what he could do to go a bit slower while still trying to maintain the character. Sometimes thats easier said than done…

[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1541″]

We thought this voice he was doing was dead on, so he offered us some background as to how he developed it.

[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1542″]

If you want to hear the demo he mentions, I’ve got it here. Or, you can also go to his website

[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1543″]

So, of course, after all this, I absolutely need to know what a true Bullshit Announcer looks like. Some of the finer examples appear to be here, here, and certainly, here.

After we were done recording and piecing together a rough edit we had a chance to B.S. with Beau about what he’s been working on. Or, in some cases not working on. Seems that although Beau is one of the busiest actors in L.A., movies aren’t in the mix for him…

[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1544″]

Beau has a nice website with lot’s of interesting stuff you can listen to and a long list of credits. If you want to know more about him or his availability, you can also contact his agent, Cope Management, here.

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