Babblings 250 wideVoice of Reason – You listen to the radio and hear the ads. You watch TV. You’re pretty sure you could be a voice-over talent, right? I mean,…it’s just “talking”!!??

Man, you do that in your sleep. Why not get paid for it?

Well, here’s the disclaimer – literally. As with so many things in life, it can be a lot more difficult than it seems. Earlier this week we were recording very polished voice-over man Steve Blum from Patches recording studio out in L.A. Poor guy had to be on mic at 8 AM for a Colle+Mcvoy session promoting New Holland Tractors.

Writer Dave Keepper, producer Ramon Nuñez, and I could only wince, laugh and shrug our shoulders as the first few takes chugged away like this. Steve laughed it off and a few minutes later, (with the help of a few choice edits), got us a clean one. Easy, right?

A quick shout out to Steve for letting us post his tough morning. He can be booked through his agent, Elizabeth Thornton.

March 11th Update

Not Very PC – For those of you who’ve ever been to our Minneapolis recording studio, you know that we’re a little Mac-Centric here and that we’re great appreciators of elegant design as well. So, when we stumbled across this great flash presentation we knew we had to share it – “What if Microsoft designed the iPod package?”. This is another case of art imitating life for sure.

Trailer Hitching – What would it be like to catch a ride in a limo with five of the most prominent voice-over talents in the world? Funny, for one. Don Lafontaine, the guy you’ve heard on a million movie trailers, and a company called Aspect Ratio, put together this great short film clip featuring him, John Leader, Nick Tate, Mark Elliott, and Al Chalk on the way to an awards ceremony. You can find a few more clips with Don at his website