Mix together two talented voice actors, two talented musicians, two talented writers, and two guys who get comedic timing along with recording session dynamics, and you get, – these two guys.

Mark Benninghofen and Joe Weismann (pictured at left) are the creative mettle behind Shout! Radio; a radio production company.

As Twin Cities voice-over guys in high demand, they pass many hours a week stuck behind the aquarium glass of recording studios like Babble-On, navigating through copy that others might find confining.

Because of that wealth of experience, they have a particular understanding of what it’s like to work with strong scripts, tight editing, and good direction from writers and producers.

They were hanging out at Babble-On this week doing new radio spots for a significant advertising client they recently landed. Regrettably, due to certain obligations, we’re unable to share with you the client or any audio from the session. Even so, the work from Shout! is a scream, the client is extremely happy, and we’re going out to celebrate with pancakes and a large side order of meat.

Since session audio is out of the question, we thought we’d offer a snippet from Mark and Joe’s writing/production demo that we edited together here at Babble-On a few months ago.

Here’s a twist of Shout!
[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”1569″] If you want to know more about Shout!, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the guys (their web site isn’t quite done)

Both Mark and Joe and can be booked for voice-over through Wehmann Talent and Models, inc.

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