At times our Hyper/Cyber/Web Surfin’ on a Crackberry/Mocha Latté World reminds me of an amped up game of Telephone with an Alfred Hitchcock twist. Unlike the kids version, where the original message gets lost but the source is known, the web brings us all these perfect digitally cloned creations with us rarely knowing who fashioned them.

This month we had a few gems arrive at the recording studio that we thought we’d pass along for your amusement.

This first snippet, a mental health hotline, was sent to us by voice-over talent Jon Bruno (see our May Babble-Blog) with whom we do a lot work for Donato’s Pizza, a Martin Williams account. Where he got this audio clip, well… he’s not sure.

This second fragment is a piece of live television gone awry. A quick warning here – people were injured in the actual filming of this clip. While many people who’ve seen this laugh at “the incident”, to me the funniest part is the clueless reaction of the two perfectly coifed and moussed Pottery Barn hosts.

This scene has already taken on a wild life of its own. Someone with some great re-mix chops and a wicked sense of humor has put it to a dance beat and taken it to the completely absurd.

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