Sometimes at Babble-On, we acquire more than the typical studio gear of microphones, mixing boards, headphones, CD’s, production music, etc. – we get some colorful art to enliven the place.

This week we were pleased to receive, and prominently display, an original piece from a friend of ours – Tom Jewell-Vitale.

An art professor at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa; Tom’s work is distinct and expressive. We have several of his pieces animating the walls at Babble-On; with their bright colors and fluid motion they provide a wealth of creative inspiration – something one really needs to avoid “studio head” during those long days recording, mixing and editing.

Carol, (pictured below with Tom’s work) is our studio den mother and maven of all things that need true organization. The piece called, “Carnevale at Piazza San Marco”, can now be found (along with Carol) in the brand new office across from studio c.

Gotta say though that we felt kinda crappy that all we could muster for such a momentous occasion was a lame web entry.
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So we decided to pull out all the stops to showcase this important event in our lives.