IMG_7891Well, after a lengthy hiatus, the Babble-Blog is back. Our self-imposed exile to the island of no-blog oblige was partially due to the usual disturbances of life getting in the way, but also due to a major overhaul of the Babble-On web site.

With the help of our genius web site designers from lotus + lama, we’ve inundated, percolated, serrated, re-created, truncated, obviated, bifurcated, and ultimately updated our site. Yes, we are well aware that the grammar police would be all over that sentence.

Like a Ben & Jerry’s super-premium ice cream flavor, the “new & improved” Babble-On web site is chock full of . . . stuff. And, we haven’t forgotten the sprinkles either. We’ve liberally sprinkled samples of the great radio and TV spots that our clients create with the help of our engineers and sound designers. We hope you enjoy listening to our creative work.

Techies rejoice! We’ve improved our client FTP site so that it will be easier (and faster) to upload multiple files simultaneously. There’s a handy progress bar so you can see the file transfer in action.

We’d love it if you took a look around our new site and offered your comments (below).