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2013 AdFed “The Show”

We're very happy to have contributed to some of the fine work recognized at this year's AdFed "The Show." Congratulations to all the honorees, including Clarity Coverdale Fury, Colle+McVoy, giraffe, martin|williams, mono, Olson. Many thanks for working with us on...

Se habla Español… So you don’t have to.

If you've ever been tasked with producing a spot in Spanish, chances are you've seen that it tends to get a little more complicated than just a translation from English.  The potential pitfalls (though sometimes humorous) of mis-translations and content inaccuracies...

Yup. We can help you with that…

  It's always surprising to see where some phone calls lead.  We like to answer every "Can you…" or "Do you guys…" question about production audio with a "Yes" or at least a "We'll find a way".  And though there are some limitations as to what we can achieve in...

This Dojo Believes in the 2-Pop

  Technology in media production has helped make audio tape machines, 3/4" video machines and digibetas a thing of the past.  And though technology has helped make the production process much easier and faster, there are techniques and practices from the "old...

Babble-On explores ‘streaking

Now that we have your attention… We're keeping an eye on the uptake of SoundStreak, a new software-as-service product (from the company of the same name) for recording remote voice talent. We think the sweet spot for it will be for voice actors or studios who have the...

Get out of town…

Sometimes there is no substitute for a sound in it's element. And though our booths provide a well-controlled, exacting environment for capturing voices and foley, on occasion there's good reason to hit the road in order to get the sounds we need. Whether it be for a...

2012 AdFed “The Show”

We're very happy to have worked on these campaigns that received awards at this year's AdFed "The Show."[hr] Television Ad: Low Budget - Single Hunt Adkins Minnesota Timberwolves "Pegasus" Television Ad: Low Budget - Single...

ADR session deluge

"Thank goodness for poor-quality production sound!" You won't hear this out of our mouths very often, but bookings for replacing that audio are an exception. In recent weeks we've had the pleasure of hosting... Danielle Barnum for TNT's "Leverage" Great performer as...

Creative. Clinic.

About a month ago we had a fun Marshfield Clinic radio project brought in by Lee Schmidt of Lindsay, Stone and Briggs. It was unique because the main talent in each spot had to act as both singer and voiceover performer - which are very different disciplines. Timing...

“It looked like Bangladesh in there” – Studio B goes wire-less.

"Change is good". Indeed. Not a bad phrase. In fact, the words "wise" and "necessary" come to mind when considering swapping out one's Oil or Underwear. And, in reference to the latter, we'd like to add the word "polite" - if only for public benefit. However,...

Absurdity works (as absurd as that sounds)

Grocery shopping is rarely an exciting task. Surprise, yes? Like reading your aunt’s Facebook status; its a pleasant if tedious necessity that serves to keep everyone happy at home thank-you-very-much. Truth is, even if you enjoy mooning over the fresh produce section every now and again, you’re likely gonna grab some shampoo and frozen peas before you swipe your card at the check-out.


Well, if you’re a grocery chain and you’re smart, you’re in touch with this experience and do what you can to acknowledge it and elevate it all with a playful, knowing wink.

Enter, absurdity.

Preston Kelly, the Ad Agency who handles Roundy’s, has done exactly that with the latest batch of brand radio they’ve been recording with us here at Babble-On. Called, fittingly enough, “Great Moments In Food-dom”, the spots regale the radio listener to peek into the lives of some everyday heroes and their day-saving moments of brilliance.

Voicing. An Opinion. What it’s like from inside the VO booth.

It would be fair to say that this article has been many years in the making and probably long overdue in the sharing. The goal of it is to facilitate an even better understanding between two communities: the artists who ply their trade in the booth, and those of us who must write, produce and/or edit those 30 second messages that keep us all employed.

All three of the engineers here at Babble-On can attest to a few sessions over the years where, for whatever reason, a writer/producer could not stay in sync with a voice-over talent regarding direction, timing, phrasing, etc. The resulting frustration and fallout was palpable. Unintended miscommunication got in the way of everyone’s ultimate goal – creating a really great radio or TV spot.

Pressing Concern – How a non-profit publisher gets sales

magine you’re a small, independent, Midwestern publisher. In the past decade you’ve seen the writing on the wall; the final chapters of the neighborhood bookseller are furiously getting inked, while the New Giants – Amazon and Barnes and Noble, seemingly have no end to the reach of their tendrils.
Oh yes, and add to that mix a few little innovations like The Kindle and the iPad. One gets a rumpled dust jacket just thinking about it.

Yet, somehow, miraculously – sales ain’t so bad, Earl. How so?

The Green Zone – Doing what we can to recycle old gear

he Green Zone, that infamous site in Baghdad that was meant to be a safe haven from the perils of uncertainty, is a fitting metaphor for those of us in the Media Creation biz whom must adapt to the ever changing digital sensibilities of our time.

Like The Green Zone, we’ve tried to preserve a seamless “everyday normal life” here at Babble-On; critically picking over the onslaught of new and unproven technologies that might well bomb on us, while embracing those ideas that seem helpful to the writers, producers and ad agencies who zip past our front desk check point – so astutely monitored by Becky Carlson.

Now, to be completely fair, we know we’re at no risk of getting maimed (and we aren’t implying that) – but, equally so, there are plenty of businesses in the past few years who have paid dearly, lost the battle, and who will fully relate to this particular analogy. They’ve lost more than just their shirt shall we say. We empathize with them. Some good friends and colleagues are now gone.

Having Our Cake – (and eating lot’s, too). André’s a year older.

Y'know, just to clear things up - we really don't just fabricate birthdays around here in order to have a cheap excuse to nibble at local bakery fare.  Though, given the number of Birthday entries on our Babble-Blog of late, (Greg Geitzenauer and Carol Bergeron each...

“Another round, please” – Summit Radio pics and audio

It’s taken a few weeks for us to return to this Summit Radio Ad Campaign from GdB as our studios have been humming along with other recording projects. It’s been a varied mix of sessions as we’ve put our stamp on the upcoming Palm Springs International Shortfest, and even recorded French and English versions of radio ads for an international insurance company.

Hope to share more of those on our Babble-Blog sometime soon.

So, now that we can pull up a stool and sit for awhile – let’s a have an IPA and catch up.

Trane Radio – Keeping an eye on the pitch

Part of blogging, as the oracles of our digital age will tell you, is to open up the conversation about things going on with one’s company, industry or domain of expertise. It can give others a sense of who you are that isn’t readily apparent from just a single click on a homepage or a quick once-over of the “about-us” link.

For those of you who put your eyes here often, you’ll note that over the past few months you’ve seen more about Staff Birthdays, Interns and Views of Downtown Minneapolis from our perch atop the Plymouth Building.

We like this newer twist. In essence, it’s our flavor.

A Pint Of Spring – Recording Summit Beer Radio Spots

While the days of the Summit Beer World Tour are over, when André Bergeron traveled with Summit to England, Germany, Norway and Ireland to record people in pubs, the concept has stayed alive – go out and record conversations with everyday people over a beer or two and see what happens. So, every few months for the past couple of years, Jeff Schuller, the writer from GdB, and André have gone into local watering holes with host Chris Carlson to see what people want to talk about. From there, hours of freewheeling conversation get condensed into sixty second jewels whose facets affirm that life is interesting when you just let it be.