Andre Bergeron | Babble-On | Freising Germany For those of you who have listened to Twin Cities radio over the past decade, you’ve no doubt come across a memorable radio ad for Summit Beer on occasion.  They are and continue to be a distinct pleasure to hear because they are funny, original, and truly speak to what beer (especially really good beer) is all about –  friends, conversation and community.

Say what you will about this rich and complex digitally connected life we’ve managed to fashion for ourselves – madly tapping away on our mobile phones as we avert ourselves from what is happening right in front of us, but little in life beats a dark walnut booth, a perfectly grilled burger, a few mates with interesting stories to share and a tall pint of India Pale Ale.  If, being enterprising, you would add to this mix a little time to kill, one might end up with that “killer app” for cementing a relationship or two.  For some, a good buzz beats a cute Tweet almost any day.

While the days of the Summit Beer World Tour are over, when André Bergeron traveled with Summit to England, Germany, Norway and Ireland to record people in pubs, the concept has stayed alive – go out and record conversations with everyday people over a beer or two and see what happens.  So, every few months for the past couple of years, Jeff Schuller, the writer from GdB, and André have gone into local watering holes with host Chris Carlson to see what people want to talk about.  From there, hours of freewheeling conversation get condensed into sixty second jewels whose facets affirm that life is interesting when you just let it be.

Okay, well, that, and y’know… we also have a really special brewery over in Saint Paul that makes some notable beers.

In keeping with our schedule, we’ve got another recording event coming up Thursday the 25th of March at Whitey’s Saloon in North Minneapolis.  Please come on out, meet some of the gang, hoist a pint and talk to us about life. We’ll have photos and spots to share in the next week or so right here on our Babble-Blog, as well.

In the meantime, here are a few recent examples of Summit Beer radio that we’ve worked on with GdB.

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If you’d like to hear some of the original spots that were recorded in England, go to André’s bio on our Engineers page and you’ll see them off to the right.  Also, you’ll find several other examples from other locales we visited if you were to scroll through our samples page.