HeaderForMonth3Well, much like the monsoon-like weather we’ve been having here in our little wedge of the Midwest, (which, by the way, continues to delay the onset of our much beloved and sought after Spring climate) we too at Babble-On have been under a deluge of projects that have, figuratively, swamped the gunnels of our recording studios.

Consequently we’ve been a bit lax with our “appointed rounds” trying to keep stuff current with our Babble-Blog. So, to those of you who’ve been wondering what’s been going on – fear not, we’ll get you caught up in a more fluid manner the rest of the month.

April 10th Update – Instead of just going out and buying stock sound effects, we’ve been making an effort to record and produce distinct sounds that aren’t, in our opinion, readily available. John Lukas recently went to the North Shore and captured some wonderfully distinct ambient tones. See “Shoring Things Up” down below.

April 15th Update – We got together our “Dropping In” segment for the month and a nice entry on the power of simplicity – look for “Bringing It Home” down below.

April 23rd Update – With the spate of suddenly nice weather we’re having our thoughts have returned to the great out-of-doors. Hooray. This months Techno Babble goes on and on about recording on-location (I smell a theme here). Look near the bottom of the page.

April 26th Update – Every now and then we get an off the wall request to record something truly out of the ordinary – and we’re not talking about capturing screaming race cars, people hanging from ropes or dance lines tapping away in a canoe, but something really odd – a bagpiper. I know, hazard pay.