Analog FridaysIn an effort to re-invent what he claims is now a “boring world of ones and zeroes”, Johnny Hagen has just introduced the novel concept of “Analogue Fridays” at Absolute Music.

Seizing on the corporate success of “Casual Fridays”, Johnny has decided to do away with all that “preppy-ass sheen” you get with digital audio in favor of tape, tubes, and racks of dusty crap with bakelite knobs. “I don’t even know if half this shit still works but, man, the clients dig the blinking lights and wagging needles”

Its really quite simple Hagen told us, “Nobody is doing this… so, I can” Hagen’s unique business model is streamlined and, he feels, guarantees a steady flow of clients, “…now, I can make a killing on Monday’s using my digital gear to take out all the clicks, pops, hiss and distortion I recorded on Friday. Plus, its environmentally friendly since we’re re-using all the audio from the previous week. This whole audio composting movement is at the cutting edge of our industry. Hey, check out my walls, man – they’re green.

In reality, Johnny (pictured above doing his best J.J. Walker “Dynomite” thing) is Babble-On’s neighbor. Recently he’s been transferring some classic tracks he composed and recorded years ago onto a more permanent medium to preserve them for posterity. He’s also been working on some other interesting songs and sound-design over the past few weeks that are pretty cool. Check out his site here.

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