Akers-2 copyHeadlines these days justifiably scream about corporate malfeasance or athletes on “The Juice”. Surprisingly, despite this trend, there’s still some true corporate good going on out there and there’s at least one sports star who’s head’s not a steroid pumpkin.

Meet Lincoln Financial Group (LFG) and Philadelphia Eagles kicker, David Akers.

We got a chance to hang with David (briefly, anyway) and record a radio spot with him at Lincoln Financial Field as part of our ongoing work with LFG’s advertising agency in Minneapolis, Martin|Williams.


David Akers, recording his radio commercial. This was take #2.

Regrettably, the trip for this recording session got off to a rocky start with a 4.5 hour delay out of Minneapolis due to nasty weather in Philadelphia. (What? More rain? In the Twin Cities we’re already building Arks and collecting animals) With the downtime, I strolled the lengthy new C concourse at MSP airport; a cavernous reach of steel and glass with it’s own tram line – and a Starbucks. Well, two of ’em, actually. From there, it was a smooth flight, a short cab ride, and a touchdown at the hotel pillow ’round 2AM.

Next day, I met up with writer Erik Kvålseth to review scripts, timings, recording approach and, most critically – where to eat lunch. With nothing but time to kill before our session we grabbed some Afghani food at Ariana in the Old City. Quite nice. Stuffed with red lentil dal, and with my “recording studio in a bag” in hand, we hopped into Erik’s slick rental car and yachted down to “The Linc”. There, on the field, we adjusted our eyes to something we hadn’t seen in awhile – the Sun. Yes, Virginia, there still is a Sun.

We configured a makeshift recording studio in team owner Jeff Lurie’s private suite at The Linc. David Akers was going to be reading a script about his charitable foundation called Kicks For Kids which, in a nutshell, works like so; for every field goal that he kicks, Lincoln Financial ponies up a thousand bucks. So, by my calculations, (and by looking at David’s stats) Kicks For Kids scored at least $27,000.00 for local charities alone last year. Plus, David’s made other significant donations. Money kicker indeed.

Mic’s rigged, levels set, and recording initiated, David took a pass at the script. After just a few takes, David split the uprights with a pretty nice one that, in his words, was “perfect” – you’ll hear it at the end of the spot.

Gig now over, Erik and I kept to our strategy of efficiency and exigency and grabbed a bite and a beer at Eulogy Belgian Tavern back in the Old City. Frankly, if you haven’t had a Hoegaarden with lemon on a hot day, you have something to look forward to.
Unlike our bumpy flight back home to Muddyapolis.

Kicks For Kids reminds me of this quote from a certain Philadelphian who knew a thing or two about philanthropy, Ben Franklin…

“Energy and persistence conquer all things”

(or, in this instance, gives them a swift kick)

He also wisely said…”Fish and visitors smell in three days”

Lentils and beer probably only hasten that process. Good thing we weren’t there long.

Here’s, “I Kick Things”

The other voice in the radio spot is from disclaimer voice extraordinaire and all around good guy, John Wehrman. He can be found through Moore Creative Talent, inc.